What Are the rose water makeup setting spray

Rose water is made by soaking or distilling rose petals in water. Rose water is using in cosmetics, perfumes, as well as in cooking – especially in Middle Eastern recipes.

Previously, the smell of roses could be found in any product for skin care or cosmetics. The smell of roses is such a beautiful, intoxicating, feminine fragrance.

It should be noted that very often used is not a real, but a chemical rose extract. You will immediately feel if the cosmetics will not use a real rose extract. Look for products with a real rose extract, this gives make cosmetics saturated with a unique, sweet aroma.

More and more people want to use simpler skin care cosmetics. They use oils to cleanse and moisturize the body. Using rose water as a daily skin care product guarantees you many benefits. Rose water can really help soothe, moisturize, and protect everyone’s skin.

The benefits of rose water for the skin

The benefits of rosewater for skin are great for all skin types. It has mild antibacterial properties and can help relieve redness and inflammation of the skin. This makes it an excellent remedy for those who suffer from acne, chronic redness, or sensitive skin. In addition, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which makes it an excellent after-shave to soothe the skin.

Rose water will not dry your skin, therefore it is useful and even desirable to use for people with dry skin. It is known that rose water helps to reduce the formation of circles under the eyes and prevents the appearance of early signs of aging. Soak cotton pads in pink water and apply on eyes for 5 minutes to reduce puffiness under the eyes. It is also great for skin irritations such as insect bites or sunburn.

A simple recipe for creating pink water with your own hands:

Fill the container with fresh rose petals and fill them with distilled water. Water should barely hide rose petals. If you use too much water, you will get pink water of a weak consistency.

  • Cover the container with a lid, put on a stove, make a minimum of heat and slowly bring to a boil.
  • Turn off the stove, leave the container closed and allow the water to cool to room temperature.
  • At room temperature, strain the petals and pour into a clean, sanitized bottle. Use rose water makeup setting spray

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How to use Rose water

Pour pink water into a spray bottle, and in the morning spray directly onto the skin after washing, but before moisturizing. Rose water can also be used for makeup. You can also use it as a toner by first applying pink water to a cotton pad and wiping your face. And, in addition, if you want to refresh or moisturize your skin during the day, then use the prepared solution.

If desired, rose water can be used to apply to hair, a pillow or sheets and rose water as setting spray. Such water can be removed with ease to remove makeup.

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