The Best Options to make epilating hurt less

Mechanical hair removal in a deep bikini area is usually doing in two ways: waxing and sugar paste. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages.


The method has become in its time the classic way to deal with unwanted hair. It consists in applying heated wax to the desired area of ​​the skin according to hair growth and removing it together with the hair according to their growth using a special strip that is applying over the applied wax. Residues of wax are removed with oil.

What determines the sensitivity during hair removal?

How painful it will be for you to epilate a deep bikini depends on several factors. Given them, you can sensibly assess your expectations and properly tune.

make epilating hurt lessPain threshold

The degree of pain during epilation largely depends on the individual characteristics of the body. It is well known that the level of pain threshold is different for everyone, and different reviews about the procedure are associated with this. For some, deep hair removal of the bikini zone is quite tolerable, for some they want to reduce epilation pain.

Cycle day

It is important for girls who decide to go for a sugaring or waxing procedure to remember that hypersensitivity to external factors exacerbates 3-4 days before the start of the menstrual cycle and weakens in its middle. Therefore, it is reasonable to consider this fact, especially before the first procedure to make epilating hurt less.

Hair length

The longer the hair, the painful sensation when removing it is stronger. The first procedure involves a hair length of at least 8 mm, subsequent from 4 mm. Do not drag out longer.

If the process to make epilating less painful is comparable to torture for you, then these tips can help transfer this procedure easier.


Ask the hair removal wizard to warn you when the wax is removing and exhale sharply. It will dull the pain a little. And do not forget to relax the muscles in the treated area so that the hairs are easier to remove.

Choose the right day

Our sensitivity and susceptibility to pain depends on the menstrual cycle. This is due to hormones. Try to sign up for the hair removal procedure immediately after “these days” or in the first half of the cycle. It was during this period that the least susceptibility to pain.

sensitivity hair removal

Do not be nervous

If you experience stress or anger, cortisol levels rise in the body. At this time, even slight pain is perceived stronger than usual. Therefore, before surrendering to the master, stop worrying or take a sedative.

The quieter you go, the further you’ll get

If you are very susceptible to pain, do not try to do hair removal in all areas at once – stretch it for several days. It just seems that it’s easier to shoot back at a time. If you stretch the procedure for several visits, then each time the sensitivity will be lower.

Talk to the master

Tell your master to reduce pain from epilator. Knowing about your discomfort, she will try to reduce it: perhaps she will offer a hard wax instead of a soft wax, distract with conversation or say how to behave in order to reduce pain.

Take pain medication

The simplest and most elementary method. If it hurts, then why not just take a painkiller pill an hour before the procedure.

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