Going through a divorce…

Long before I became America’s Crisis Coach™ I was saving people from all of their worst fears in divorce. I simply refuse to leave that behind so this page is dedicated to the passion and skills I have to see you through your divorce with your mind, your money and your kids in tact!  

So, check out the following resources:

Free Report 

First, I invite you to sign up for access to my free report  Three Secrets For A Drama Free Divorce. Inside this report you will learn three ways to avoid being a Bitter Baby Daddy or a Divorcing Drama Mamma. Just fill out the form below the image and click submit.

Three Secrets Flat Cover


One of the best ways to ensure your divorce is drama free is private coaching with me. Click here to find out more!


Next, if you want to hear more down and dirty, amazing ways to have a drama free divorce- check out my podcast,Coming Out Of The Fire  on iTunes.


I hope you enjoy all these resources! And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.